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‘Health is a right, not privilege. It needs to be delivered with equity.’ Health is a basic requirement and national, economic as well as social development depend a lot on the health services. Access to health services is guaranteed in our constitution. Since independence, in spite of being a resource-poor country, Bangladesh has made a lot of progress in the health sector which makes it an example for other developing countries. Over the last decades, key health indicators, like- life expectancy and coverage of immunization have improved notably, while infant mortality, maternal mortality and fertility rate dropped significantly. In comparison to neighboring countries in South Asia and South East Asia, Bangladesh has proved its superiority in health sector as per measured health indicators. As set by the United Nations in 2000, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are eight international development goals of which 4th, 5th and 6th goals are exclusively health related. In 2010, the United Nations recognized Bangladesh for its exemplary progress toward 4th MDG achievement that is reduction of child mortality and for being in track to achieve the 5th MDG that is reduction of maternal mortality. With extensive vaccination, improvement of overall hygiene and sanitation standard, remarkable control has been achieved over infectious diseases. But newer health issues have been arising which need to be addressed urgently. As a result of increased longevity, changes in life style, industrialization and work stress, various types of cancer, coronary artery disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, chronic kidney and liver disease, COPD have taken over in both rural and urban environments. Malnutrition is still persisting in all age groups, injury and death from accidents and all kinds of violence has been causing serious health problems including mortality. Moreover, a large number of people, particularly in rural areas have little access to health care facilities. It may seem that access to health care services for the insolvent and poor remains a day dream in one hand and on Our campaigns cover a wide range of health issues and programmes. The campaigns are used to raise awareness of important health issues and stimulate groups or individuals to seek information and services.


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