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Working with
Expatriate workers

An expatriate worker is a migrant worker who is an expert or general laborer in his or her profession. The worker takes a position outside his/her home country, either independently or as a work assignment scheduled by the employer, which can be a company, university, government, or non-governmental organization.

Language barriers are the most common challenges faced by expatriates. If you move to a country where you don’t speak the native language, you may be in trouble the moment you land. Another common set of challenges faced by expatriates are being in a dilemma or buying or renting properties. Every country has its own sets of regulations when it comes to buying properties, and for some expats, it can turn into a nightmare if they’re not careful. Therefore, expats should never underestimate the valuable advice an expert can give. Similarly, leaving comfort zones such as friends and family and establishing a new can be challenging for expats. If expats are looking to make their move abroad a long term success, they need to integrate into the local community, build a new circle of friends and fellow expats. Institute of Advance Education and Social Welfare has started to work with skilled, Semi-skilled and unskilled workers who have got work permit to another country. The main target of i-volunteers to work with expatriate workers to give them relief in abroad.


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